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Seven Lovers Set For Release On June 2, 2017

Plot Synopsis:

Laura is a youthful curator/dance club artist attempting to explore the unlimited complexities of adoration, desire, and dating in contemporary New York. In a broke kaleidoscope of kind and feeling, we watch seven of Laura’s sentiments play out in a progression of interlaced vignettes – with each of her sweethearts making a case for a certain true to life style. From stylish highly contrasting melodic to dirty narrative, from rough liveliness to quick cutting montage, Laura’s mates take her on a voyage of happiness, torment, and self-revelation – and everything develops to one characterizing decision.

R/1 hr 48 min

Thrown: Erin Darke, Fran Kranz, Subside Stamp Kendall, Gia Crovatin, Max von Essen

Chief: Keith Boynton

Maker: Melisa Breiner-Sanders

Generation Organizations: Breiner-Sanders Preparations & Insane Lake Pictures

Wholesaler: Debut Advanced Administrations

Classifications: Show/Sentiment

Movie producer Proclamation:

“Seven Mates started life as an immaculate expressive arrogance. I pondered what it resembles to recount a story in a wide assortment of sorts – and I pondered what sort of story could fit such a scattershot approach. I knew I needed the account and the class changing to supplement each other, rather than appearing to be gracelessly joined together. What’s more, the possibility of a lady changing her persona as she moved from sweetheart to partner struck me as the most regular fit.

I trust Seven Beaus reverberates with individuals’ own agony and expectations and disillusionments. I trust it helps individuals to remember their companions and their sisters and their exes and themselves. I trust individuals left it feeling somewhat more confident, somewhat more blissful, and perhaps somewhat more caught on. Most importantly, I trust individuals appreciate it. All things considered, a motion picture is a motion picture – and if it’s dreadful, then what on Earth is the point?” – Keith Boynton

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