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SettleMint, Global Finalist for Blockchain Challenge

SettleMint (, a Belgian blockchain startup, alongside its Center East accomplice Ateon (, is chosen as Main TWENTY New companies WORLDWIDE for the ‘SDO Blockchain Challenge’ ( This challenge means to locate the best blockchain ability on the planet and its first version will occur on May 29th and 30th 2017, in Dubai.

As a blockchain organization, SettleMint and its accomplices concentrate on crossing over any barrier between the organizations world and blockchain, as an innovation. SettleMint offers a middleware that kills blockchain complexities. Likewise, they are effectively occupied with shutting the ‘Aptitudes Hole’ by excellence of different “training” and “confirmations programs” for business sectors around the world.

The Most joyful City on Earth

The vision of Savvy Dubai Office ( is to make Dubai the most joyful city on earth. Brilliant Dubai Office administers and encourages Dubai’s expansive keen change with aspirations of conveying proficient, consistent, protected and impactful city encounters for inhabitants and guests. Keen Dubai expects to be a pioneer in the appropriation of developing advances, for example, blockchain, which is identifiable as having the capacity to change city administrations to totally brilliant.

With Dubai’s solid vision of turning into a blockchain-controlled city by 2020, Shrewd Dubai Office and worldwide hatchery 1776 ( have collaborated together for the SDO Blockchain Challenge ( This challenge bolsters the production of a blockchain industry through engaging new companies and organizations to find the most imaginative blockchain startup thoughts from all around the world to actualize in Dubai’s 2020 blockchain vision.

All finalists of the test will go to Dubai to take part in a two-day program including a pitch rivalry to a crowd of people of speculators, specialists, private and open organizations. Toward the end, three champs will be picked among the finalists to get to begin with, second and third place prize cash extending from 10.000 to 20.000 dollars alongside the chance to actualize their item or administration in Dubai.

On May 30th, the champs of the SDO Blockchain Test will be declared.

SettleMint is a piece of quickening agent Begin it @kbc, which underpins inventive and versatile business.

Ateon is a secretly held organization joined in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Squeeze contacts:

Matthew Van Niekerk (English)

SettleMint, Originator & Chief

+32 475 95 61 95

Dr. Husam Yaghi (English)

ATEON, President

+966 12 606-555

Roderik van der Veer (Dutch)

SettleMint, Originator & CTO

+32 491 50 58 15

Sofie Help (Dutch)

SettleMint, Interchanges

+32 475 21 14 29

About the SDO Blockchain Challenge

SDO Blockchain Challenge

About SettleMint

We help associations use the advantages of blockchain innovation: regardless of whether those ventures are hoping to enhance effectiveness, to extend their present items or to totally reevaluate a current plan of action.

We offer our clients ‘Mint’, a suite of particular middleware arrangements and SDK’s that evacuate complexities of blockchain advances.

To show the adaptability of “Mint” we built up a few working verification of-ideas including SettleMint Legal official for report administration, SettleMint BallotBox for voting and SettleMint DataBroker for recording, purchasing and offering IoT sensor information.

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