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Look Out Wearable Tech! Hollywood Celebrities Are Among First to Adopt A New Innovation That Makes Tech Wearable

The film and TV stars were among a huge number of individuals by and by acquainted with the Wrist Rack in an open indicating only preceding its Kickstarter make a big appearance on May 3. Simply, Wrist Rack is a telephone case that you wear on your lower arm. The genuine enchantment begins when you understand that you have now, perhaps surprisingly, turn out to be really without hands.

“We didn’t set out to make anything particularly helpful and it never jumped out at us that individuals would think that its ‘cool’. When I envisioned Wrist-Rack in 2009, I just thought it seemed well and good. At the point when Andy got included and make it work so well for the SomeWhen television pilot, it was extraordinary. Be that as it may, after we both began wearing Wrist Rack around all over and were utilizing it for everything, individuals began asking, ‘will it give me a chance to do this?’… indeed, up until now, the appropriate response is more often than not ‘yes’.” – Neil Enock, Wrist Rack innovator.

Taking off for a ride on your stallion, bicycle or motorbike? Do you bring your telephone? With Wrist Rack, you don’t need to stress, its as of now on your arm. Going to stop for a nibble at the far end? Shouldn’t something be said about cash, ID? No stresses, there are inherent pockets to reserve cards and some cash underneath.

Is it true that you are a movie producer or specialist utilizing bluetooth controlled or remote saw cameras, rambles or different gadgets? Wrist Rack arranges for your hands from holding the telephone and permits to take a shot at what you needed to do in any case. Columnists doing sound remotes cherish the Wrist Rack as it arranges for one hand for scripts or notes. Cosplayers like having the capacity to have everything with them without conveying sacks or having cumbersome pockets. Individuals are educating us regarding new uses ordinary.

Wrist Rack is a two section, carefully assembled, fitted cowhide, made-in-North-America item that is propelling on Kickstarter now. The little, consistent or extensive Wrist mount fits you, the telephone Rack fits your telephone. See the Kickstarter battle for a rundown of telephones that can be suited. Distinctive hues and completes are complimented by a Steampunk release that is ended up being extremely famous. This video that shows how it functions:

In the event that you adore your telephone yet don’t care for losing it, or dropping it, or mishandling in your pockets or handbag to uncover it, Wrist Rack is for you. To begin off the Kickstarter crusade, a constrained amount will be accessible at reduced estimating for early adopters like the ‘Jay and Quiet Bounce’, ‘Star Trek Voyager’ and ‘Session of Positions of authority’s stars.

Wrist Rack is introduced by iTinkr Inc. in a joint venture with innovator/maker Neil Enock and architect/designer Andy Guba.

For a full press pack or to organize a meeting with Neil Enock please contact 877-578-9771 or See the Wrist Rack Site at

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Wrist Rack Logo Dark

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