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The Worldwide Peace Tune Grant (GPSA) last tune and music video submittal date will stay open to June 1, 2017. The GPSA, speaks to an overall scan for the most profoundly motivating and illuminating music and music recordings that advance the message of peace. Melody and Music Video champs will be reported on September 21, 2017, the UN Worldwide Day of Peace.

The GPSA was the brainchild of Steve Robertson, Author/Chief of which is situated in Los Angeles, CA. Really popular Jury Board individuals for the 2017 GPSA challenge comprised of: Maria Conchita Alonso (Latin Pop Star), Stewart Copeland (Grammy Champ, The Police), Randy Copus (New Age bunch 2002), Jonathan (Elias Expressions/The Supplication Cycle collections), Diminish Joseph (Maker/Executive of the Zeitgeist Film Arrangement), David Joyce (Grammy Victor best Jazz Vocal gathering), Ricky Kej (Grammy champ/Maker of the Shanti Samsara Ecological Awareness collection), Tim Kring (television maker Touch & Saints), Dennis Kucinich (previous US Agent/US Division of Peace), Pole Linnum (previous Executive. VP of All inclusive Music), Gary Nicholson (Grammy Champ & Texas Corridor of Popularity Nation Vocalist/Lyricist), Steve Robertson (Originator of, Joanne Shenandoah (Local American Artist/Musician), Ralph Simon (business official, prime supporter of Zomba Gathering and Jive Records), Sean Stone (On-screen character, Executive & Maker) and Dwindle Yarrow (incredible People Artist & Peace Dissident of Subside, Paul & Mary).

In the 2017 GPSA there are eight unique classifications of music candidates can submit to: New Age/Encompassing, World Music/World Beat/Acoustic/Contemporary Instrumental, Shake/Pop, Nation/Society, Established/Musical drama/A Cappella/Choral, Jazz, Hip Bounce/R & B and one Music Video classification.

All Competitors have three approaches to win: 1) Jury Board voting that comprised of acclaimed jury individuals who voted on melodies from the class of music they were most known for. 2) Open Voting empowered each of the 11 class finalists to welcome general society to vote on their melodies or recordings. 3) And the last approach to win was through online networking, generally, to wind up noticeably the artist or video with most general Facebook prefers and reaches. Champs of every music class have the opportunity to win a wide assortment of vocation engaging and encouraging prizes.

GPSA Originator Steve Robertson expressed, “The present day danger of world clash and the displaced person emergency are calling for artists and video makers to ascend and move new dreams for peace and nurturing each other. We are significantly respected to offer the GPSA challenge to all artists and video makers who need to have any kind of effect in our reality. In the meantime we know our challenge puts their minding innovativeness before major Grammy Victors, world-acclaimed Music, television, Film Officials and thought-pioneers who will likewise be observing their critical abilities and commitments.

He proceeds, “with a specific end goal to take care of the demand of performers and music video makers who needed to be listened, have any kind of effect and take an interest in our 2017 Worldwide Peace Melody Grants we chose to make our new and last submittal date June 1, 2017.

We urge everybody to visit our site at: and please audit our new submittal rules. GPSA will likewise soon discharge its 2016 Victor assemblage collection called “Music for World Peace.”

Meetings can be masterminded with GPSA the originator Steve Robertson and select Jury Board individuals.


Steve Robertson,

email: was established for the overall advancement and fulfillment of peace through all inclusive broadcast shows of Hallowed music from Holy Destinations. The fills in as a scan for our reality’s most edified performers and music video makers and that are motivating and controlling approaches to peace on earth.

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