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Attorney Rob Schenk Selected as Georgia Rising Star Third Year in a Row

Lawyer Deny Schenk, of Atlanta, GA., firm Schenk Smith, was as of late chosen to the 2017 Georgia Rising Stars list by the prestigious research group at Super Legal advisors. Every year, close to 2.5 percent of lawyers in the state get this respect. To wind up noticeably a Rising Star, one should first be associate designated, be approved through an outsider research process lastly be chosen by a board of top-rate lawyers.

Schenk got the Rising Star respect throughout the previous three years in succession.

This individual harm lawyer is enthusiastic about nursing home manhandle cases. “When you see your own particular father, you see your own particular mother in your customers, it makes you battle for them significantly more,” he said.

Schenk and firm accomplice, Will Smith, post a week after week video podcast gone for teaching groups of friends and family who have been harmed in a long haul mind office.

Schenk, an alum of Georgia State College School of Law in Atlanta, filled in as a partner lawyer in a worldwide law office situated in Paris, France. He opened his own damage firm in 2011.

“I needed to do damage work – it is a way that you can advance transform from a bigger point of view. A major decision can change a vast organization to change its direction, that way awful things won’t occur to other individuals later on,” Schenk said.

In 2013 he banded together with Smith, an affirmed nursing right hand in a nursing home for a long time under the steady gaze of turning into a legal counselor. “We both needed nursing law to be our core interest.”

Nursing home occupants are some of our most powerless populaces, with 1.4 million inhabitants, as per the Communities for Sickness Control. Frequently, once-sound and equipped individuals are helpless before low-gifted care. By and large damage is a consequence of substandard care and disregard, not consider aim.

Schenk urges relatives and companions to get more required in friends and family’s nursing home involvement. “Become more acquainted with the names of medical attendants. Make your nearness known. The more you are there, the more improbable they will be ignored.”

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