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Katherine H. Meehan Named Partner at Raffaele Puppio

Delaware District full-benefit law office Raffaele Puppio is satisfied to declare that Katherine H. Meehan has been named an accomplice at the firm.

“We are glad to have Katherine as an accomplice at Raffaele Puppio,” said Michael A. Raffaele, Establishing and Overseeing Accomplice of the firm. “She exceeds expectations at Pennsylvania instruction law and has turned into a put stock in asset for her customers and additionally a critical voice inside our firm.”

Meehan has been a connect with Raffaele Puppio since 2006. Her lawful practice is centered principally around training law. She works intimately with training, government, civil, business and private customers on different matters, including business, contract, Appropriate to Know, Daylight Act, and strategy matters. She likewise has involvement in common suit, including individual harm, and separation matters.

Likewise, Meehan is an incessant teacher on an assortment of business related subjects, including directing examinations, maintenance of archives, and criminal individual verifications. As one who appreciates legitimate research and composing, Meehan likewise has wrote and co-created investigative briefs on an assortment of points and has contended under the steady gaze of the Pennsylvania Predominant Court.

Before joining Raffaele Puppio, Meehan filled in as a law representative for the late Respectable Joseph F. Fight, Jr. She got a four year certification in legislative issues with a minor in human science from Ithaca School and her law degree from Villanova College School of Law. At the point when not providing legal counsel, Meehan is included as a board part for the American Universal Social Trade Foundation and fills in as a Senior of the Media Presbyterian Church.

About Raffaele Puppio – Raffaele Puppio is one of the biggest and most settled full-benefit law offices in Delaware District, Pennsylvania. Lawyers inside the firm are known for their legitimate ability among the seat and bar in Delaware Region, having many years of experience speaking to class areas, regions, organizations and individual customers, taking care of lawful issues while staying away from future lawful issues. The lawyers give sound legitimate direction in the zones of school law, government and civil administrations, family law, general case, individual harm, business land and business exchanges, senior law, bequest organization and arranging, and criminal law.

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