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New Book Provides Novel Solutions for Insomnia

Another book, Past a Glass of Drain and a Hot Shower: Propelled Rest Answers for Individuals with Unending A sleeping disorder, by medicinal scientist and top rated writer Connie Strasheim, depends on the commence that customary rest arrangements are insufficient for those with ceaseless wellbeing challenges since they don’t address the main driver of a sleeping disorder. Correspondingly, the book addresses ten normal reasons for a sleeping disorder, especially in those with neurological disease, and gives particular answers for every one.

Among the components that cause a sleeping disorder, as indicated by Ms. Strasheim, are:

– Electromagnetic contamination

– High histamine and aggravation

– Neurotransmitter awkward nature

– Hormonal awkward nature

– Stress and passionate injury

– Physical torment and endless diseases

– Sleep pharmaceutical mishandle

– Poor rest cleanliness

Ms. Strasheim gives answers for every one of these issues, which go from free, hands-on manual treatments, to nutritious supplements and more costly mind wave treatment gadgets. Among the instruments depicted are:

– Devices for bringing down electromagnetic fields in the rest condition, for example, Graham-Stetzer channels

– Natural, non-lethal and doctor prescribed solutions for bringing down histamine and aggravation

– Nutrients, amino acids and bio-indistinguishable hormone substitution treatment for adjusting the hormones and neurotransmitters

– Cognitive treatments that address the enthusiastic and otherworldly reasons for a sleeping disorder

– Strategies for legitimate rest cleanliness

– Homeopathic and herbal cures

– Brain wave-tweaking gadgets

Moreover, Ms. Strasheim gives experiences on the best way to wean off of benzodiazepine medications and other rest prescriptions, and shares recommendations to help perusers figure out which instruments are most suitable for them, in light of their particular wellbeing difficulties, and how to assemble a convention that best addresses their issues.

Past a Glass of Drain and a Hot Shower was motivated by Ms. Strasheim’s close decade-long fight with a sleeping disorder and interminable Lyme ailment. She found through her recuperating venture that the more customary instruments and medicines for a sleeping disorder, for example, melatonin or rest prescription, were insufficient to reestablish her rest, and were additionally lacking for tending to the novel difficulties of those with neurological disease.

At only 120 pages, Past a Glass of Drain and a Hot Shower is short however concise, and gives a solid prologue to an assortment of rest arrangements that perusers can find out about and inquire about further all alone.

About the Creator

Connie Strasheim is the writer or co-writer of 11 wellbeing books, including four on Lyme malady, and the as of late discharged New Ideal models in Lyme Sickness Treatment: 10 Beat Specialists Genuine Recuperating Procedures that Work. (October, 2016). She is likewise a medicinal marketing specialist and a supervisor at, and also Manager of the Option Malignancy Exploration Foundation. Her enthusiasm is to help individuals with complex interminable ailments discover flexibility from illness and soul-soul ailment utilizing entire body solution and she teams up with a portion of the world’s best integrative specialists. Notwithstanding Lyme infection and a sleeping disorder, Connie’s books concentrate on tumor, sustenance, detoxification and otherworldly recuperating. To take in more about her work, see:


The book will retail for USD $9.99 and is accessible at and on Amazon and other online retailers.

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