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Kristen Bell Releases Her New Book, “On The Edge of Greatness”

Kristen J. Ringer, notwithstanding being a spouse, mother, little girl and sister, is an Aviation based armed forces veteran, a motivational speaker, a mentor, and a business visionary. She is the originator and President of Touching off Your Fate, and has spent quite a bit of her expert life rousing and moving others to be progressively and accomplish more. She conquered colossal chances, as well as survived the fear based oppressor assaults on our nation on 9/11.

Kristen was a solitary high school mother of a biracial child, survived prejudice, 9/11, unfaithfulness, and the sky is the limit from there. While she seemed, by all accounts, to be responsible for her life, within, she was disintegrating. Amidst a breakdown, Kristen ended up crying in her wardrobe for 3 days. She was not able capacity days earlier and had gotten herself totally lost. Kristen stifled agony, fears, and uncertainties keeping in mind the end goal to perform in her everyday life. She close herself down profoundly, rationally and physically until she was not able face what usually would have been no match for her. While she was alarmed, she was resolved to get herself once more.

“I let myself know, Kristen, you’ve been through so much, you can’t give this period access time, what’s happening, influence you. This can’t be the one thing that breaks you after you achieved and conquered so much” she uncovered in her meeting with Steve Kidd, the host of “Flourishing Business visionary Radio Show”. You can hear the whole meeting at

“Presently there’s a book that you gotta get tightly to! A book that is planned intentionally to help you better yourself!” – Steve Kidd, Chief of Kidd Showcasing and host of We Help You Flourish Radio.

In her book “On The Edge of Significance”, she shares her excursion of disservice and horrendous situation to edification, quality and development. Perused about her trip and learn you can discover your significance.

“On The Edge of Enormity” is accessible on Amazon at:

Kristen Ringer is a rousing speaker, mentor and business person, author and Chief of Touching off Your Predetermination. She is a spouse, a mother, and Flying corps veteran. She has spent her life encountering affliction and now utilizes her encounters to enable others.

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