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Humane Society Silicon Valley Honored with Grant Award to Save Kitten Lives

Maddie’s Reserve, a national family establishment built up by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to alter the status and prosperity of sidekick creatures, has quite recently granted an allow to execute the Maddie’s Cat Lifesaving Apprenticeship at Empathetic Culture Silicon Valley (HSSV).

The aggregate honor was for $32,400, of which $12,000 will be utilized to have a sum of 12 understudies and $1,700 in stipends to be circulated to every understudy to cover their travel costs.

Maddie’s Cat Lifesaving Apprenticeship at Compassionate Society Silicon Valley empowers representatives of different associations to come to HSSV and find out about their inconceivable work with cats. HSSV will hold three one-week sessions in June, July and August 2017, inviting four understudies for each session. The association’s Head of Safe house Prescription, Dr. Cristie Kamiya, is coordinating the execution and organization of the program.

HSSV arrangements to impart cat lifesaving measures to approaching understudies including essential projects, for example,

– kitten nursery – used to house under-mingled little cats and nursing moms with their litters

– kitten encourage program – conveys 2,000 little cats yearly to be tended to in adoring homes

– ringworm and URI treatment rooms – used to isolate and look after cats with treatable however infectious ailments

“HSSV got and spared very nearly 3,000 little cats in 2016 on account of this procedure,” says Dr. Kamiya. “Being granted the Maddie’s Little cat Lifesaving Apprenticeship program concede at Compassionate Society Silicon Valley gives us an awesome chance to impart our technique to different safe houses.”

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About Maddie’s Reserve: Maddie’s Store is a family establishment made in 1994 by Workday prime supporter Dave Duffield and his better half, Cheryl, who invested the Establishment with more than $300 million. From that point forward, the Establishment has granted more than $187.8 million in stipends toward expanded group lifesaving, protect solution instruction and pet appropriations and child care over the U.S. The Duffields named Maddie’s Store after their Little Schnauzer, Maddie, who made them chuckle and gave them extraordinary delight. Maddie was with Dave and Cheryl from 1987 – 1997 and keeps on rousing them today. Maddie’s Reserve is the satisfaction of a guarantee to a helpful puppy, contributing its assets to make a no-slaughter country where each canine and feline is ensured a sound home or natural surroundings. #ThanksToMaddie.

About Dr. Kamiya: Dr. Cristie Kamiya fills in as Head of Safe house Solution at Sympathetic Culture Silicon Valley and is one of just a modest bunch of residency-prepared veterinarians in the specific field of asylum prescription. She finished her three-year shield solution preparing program at College of California – Davis and now manages both Safe house and Restorative Operations for HSSV. Dr. Kamiya voyages everywhere throughout the nation and the world giving volunteer veterinary support. She additionally cultivates underage haven little cats and cherishes investing energy with her embraced protect canines. For more data, visit and subscribe to the Accommodating Society Silicon Valley YouTube channel.

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