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Cargolog Impact Recorder – Monitor Goods Throughout The Entire Supply Chain

The Cargolog Affect Recorder Framework is a remote information lumberjack that records effects, stuns and vibrations; it has worked in sensors. Cargolog can gauge and record everything from speeding up, temperature, stickiness and edges with time stamps – on account of its propelled GPS; it can likewise enroll the GPS position and demonstrate the course of the transportation.

Cargolog additionally can quantify weight and vibration through its outside sensors among different elements.

Cargolog Affect Recorder in three simple strides

Initiate the Effect Recorder: The initial step when setting up your Cargolog Affect Recorder is to download the parameters. This is required keeping in mind the end goal to begin an estimation session. This is done before connecting the effect recorder to your products and empowers you to get extraordinary estimations on every conveyance, and modify them relying upon the merchandise or the strategy for transport.

Measure & Record Information: Once the setup of the effect recorder is done; you connect the effect recorder to your chose products, this empowers you to take after the merchandise all through the whole coordinations chain. The majority of the deliberate information is then put away safely and electronically inside an inward memory. This implies no information is lost regardless of the possibility that the battery loses control amid transportation. The greater part of the estimations can be secret word secured, including the time and term.

Break down Information: And in conclusion, after your merchandise have achieved their goal, the majority of the estimation results can be exchanged from your effect recorder to Cargolog.

Starting here on the deliberate outcomes can be dissected separately, for the whole span of the session. The greater part of the outcomes are shown in a graph, which can without much of a stretch be fare to either programs like Exceed expectations or be print as a PDF. This will help you when you have to forward the data to your associates or clients.

About us

Mobitron is represented considerable authority in creating, assembling and offering items and frameworks for quality affirmation amid the transportation and treatment of merchandise.

Mobitron reliably flourish for fabulousness in item advancement. At first Cargolog was propelled as a devoted estimation framework for recording temperature, moistness, stuns and vibrations, & now it has transformed into an unpredictable recording instrument for checking transports with completely coordinated GPS and GSM/GPRS.

Established in 1991 by Sven-Olof Olsson, Mobitron Stomach muscle is situated in Kaxholmen, Sweden. For more data please visit

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