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William Speir’s Latest Novel is a Human Drama Set on a Far Away World 200 Years After the Destruction of the Earth

Dynamic Rising Phoenix Press is glad to report the arrival of The Olympium of Bacchus 12 by Honor Winning Creator William Speir. The sci-fi novel is Speir’s eleventh distributed novel. The story, loaded with activity and interest, concentrates on a family got amidst uncommon conditions and attempting to survive. It is an exceptionally human story set against the background of a far off planet under assault by an obscure outsider adversary. The book will speak to a wide group of onlookers, including the individuals who don’t commonly read sci-fi.

It is 2614 – 206 years after Earth was devastated in a characteristic disturbance and the Unified Earth Planets Confederation (UEPC) turned into humankind’s new home. Spread over a group of 8 star frameworks, the 22 occupied planets of the UEPC flourished and found a sense of contentment for over 200 years… until they came. In an unmerited assault, outsider trespassers wiped out the UEPC’s fight armada and all real urban areas on 21 planets. Covered up between two awesome clouds on the most distant edge of UEPC space, just Bacchus 12 was saved from decimation.

Rick Douglas is continuing on ahead of coordinating planetary administrations in the interest of the Confederation. When he loses contact the planetary administrations of the other UEPC planets, Rick inclines that the Confederation has been assaulted by an obscure outsider compel. The UEPC armada has been to a great extent pulverized, and the greater part of the urban communities on the other Confederation planets have been leveled. Just the planet Bacchus 12 stays untouched.

With the UEPC non military personnel government gone, the survival of mankind falls on Rick’s shoulders. Save missions must be propelled, and Bacchus 12 must be ensured. Yet, Bacchus 12 doesn’t have the foundation to deal with lodging and encouraging exiles from the other Confederation planets, and the leftovers of the armada are lacking to secure the planet.

At the point when the outsider aggressors find Bacchus 12’s presence, Rick and the armada battle to watch Bacchus from assault. In an epic fight in space battled over the star framework, the destiny of humankind remains in a precarious situation as Rick leads the barrier of the planet and its stores of the pined for mineral Olympium from both the outsiders and from another and similarly destructive danger from inside his own particular bureau.

About the creator:

William Speir is a resigned administration expert from Focal Florida and full-time creator. He has distributed a seven-book Activity Experience arrangement, two recorded books, a dream novel, and a true to life course reading on gag stacking mounted guns for reenactors and living history specialists. He has composed two more chronicled books that will be distributed in mid 2017.

The Olympium of Bacchus 12 is accessible in softcover, hardcover, and digital book from Amazon, Barnes & Honorable, Apple iBooks, the distributer, online retailers and select stores. The title is accessible for discount rebates to schools, libraries, non-benefits, retailers, and sellers through Dynamic Rising Phoenix Press or Ingram/LSI.

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