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Maine Eye Doctors on New Horizons in Glaucoma Vision Loss

“Our patient look after keeping and staying away from vision misfortune from glaucoma has been to work with patients, essential care doctors and essential care eye specialists to push the significance of general eye exams with the suitable level of glaucoma testing in view of every patient’s individual hazard components. Along these lines, we have attempted to convey the significance of early recognition, finding and treatment. Still, there are far excessively numerous patients who don’t have the required eye exams and testing and are losing or going to lose vision. Remember that the most widely recognized sort of glaucoma has no side effects,” clarified Dr. Solish.

“Not too far off and now moving from the lab and into clinical trials are various glaucoma treatments that are not in light of essentially bringing down eye weight yet rather on “neuroprotection” and “recovery,” shared Robert Daly, M.D. a Glaucoma Expert at Eyecare Medicinal Gathering. “Glaucoma is truly a malady of certain nerve cells in the retina and the optic nerve. A high weight in the eye can harm these delicate cells and this is the thing that outcomes in lost vision. The new restorative methodologies will give us the capacity to ensure these cells in patients who are at danger of glaucoma vision misfortune and on the off chance that it occurs, the capacity to recover these cells and reestablish vision. These are the leaps forward the Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering doctors are precisely looking as they grow so we can convey them to our patients. For the occasion, the way to keeping vision misfortune from glaucoma is early identification, finding and treatment,” clarified Dr. Daly.

January is Glaucoma Mindfulness Month and an impeccable time to remind individuals make the critical stride of a normal eye exam to dodge vision misfortune from glaucoma. More than 3 million individuals in the Assembled States have glaucoma and The National Eye Foundation assesses this number will achieve 4.2 million by 2030 making glaucoma the main source of preventable visual impairment. African-Americans and our Latino populaces are at a high hazard with a 6-8 more prominent predominance when contrasted with Caucasians.

Eyecare Restorative Gathering is a main ophthalmology rehearse in Portland, Maine staffed by a group of eye care experts including eye specialists who are partnership prepared glaucoma pros, retina authorities, cornea masters and waterfall and focal point embed authorities all board affirmed Ophthalmologists-and in addition Optometrists, Opticians, specialized and regulatory staff who give eye examinations to grown-ups, waterfall surgery and intraocular focal point inserts, (IOL), laser vision redress, for example, LASIK, analysis and treatment of cornea sickness including cornea transplants, look after illnesses of the retina including diabetes and age related macular degeneration and determination and treatment of glaucoma.

To take in more about Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering in Portland Maine you may visit or or take after our eye mind blog.

In 1987, three Maine eye doctors and specialists Elizabeth Serrage, M.D., William Holt, M.D. also, Bruce Cassidy, M.D., shared a dream of bringing world class eye care and eye surgery to Maine and northern New Britain. They immediately perceived that to build up a world class Focal point of Magnificence would require the cooperative energy of their consolidated endeavors progressing in the direction of that objective. Accordingly, they joined their individual practices and set out upon an excursion committed to giving the best standard and particular eye mind benefits by:

Choosing a gathering of handpicked board confirmed Ophthalmologists-all partnership prepared in their subspecialty ranges of aptitude and practice-to go along with them in Portland. The Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering doctor group incorporates authorities in waterfalls, waterfall surgery & focal point inserts, refractive surgery, vitreoretinal maladies and surgery, corneal sicknesses and surgery, glaucoma and reconstructive and corrective eye plastic surgery. Each Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering doctor is picked in light of shared qualities, persistent care magnificence and empathy.

Making a guarantee to dependably be searching out and assessing progresses in innovation, surgery methodology and strategies and afterward conveying the best of those advancements to Maine to wind up some portion of the Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering day by day hone design, appropriate in Portland.

Making, and continually overhauling, world class understanding consideration offices including not just present day agreeable examination, testing and treatment territories however a helpful, near and dear, Medicare confirmed AAAHC (Accreditation Relationship for Mobile Human services) authorize Maine eye surgery focus.

Through this devotion and responsibility to perfection in eye tend to Maine and northern New Britain we are sure that permitting us the benefit and chance to help you in keeping up your eye wellbeing and vision will be an advantageous ordeal. As we go ahead, some of our authors have chosen a way of making the most of their senior years in various scenes with family and companions and doing the things they have held up a lifetime to seek after. We are continually helped to remember their qualities and devotion and welcome the future eras of world class eye doctors and specialists who join the Eyecare Medicinal Gathering group to proceed with your care.

Eyecare Medicinal Gathering the eye wellbeing and vision amendment needs of patients from all through Maine and is strategically placed for patients from Reddish, Augusta, Bangor, Shower, Berwick, Biddeford, Bridgton, Brunswick, Cape Neddick, Casco Straight, Cumberland Center, Eliot, Freeport, Gardiner, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kittery, Lewiston, Old Plantation Shoreline, Portland, Sanford, Scarborough, South Portland, Springvale, Topsham, Waterville, Westbrook, Winslow, Wiscasset, Yarmouth, Portland, Skowhegan and York Maine.

For extra data, contact:

Kathy Brackett, Eyecare Therapeutic Gathering, 53 Sewall Road, Portland, Maine 04102,, 1-888-374-2020

SOURCE: Therapeutic Administration Administrations Bunch, L.L.C.

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