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Kalfus & Nachman Offers Safe Ride Home Program for Hampton Roads on the Sunday of “The Big Game 51”

In under two weeks, the Atlanta Birds of prey and New Britain Loyalists will go head to head on the greatest night of the year for football. Fans the country over toss gatherings to watch “The Defining moment,” however a night of festivity can rapidly get to be distinctly hazardous when somebody drinks an excess of and gets in the driver’s seat.

With an end goal to decrease the quantity of inebriated driving mischances in the Hampton Streets range of Virginia, the law office of Kalfus & Nachman reported on Monday that it has again joined forces with Norfolk Dark & White Taxicab Organization and will, starting this year, additionally repay rideshare travelers up to $30 in taxicab, Lyft or Uber passage when they choose to get a ride home instead of drive tanked after the 51st “Big Game” on Sunday, Feb. 5.

The Kalfus & Nachman #HurtlineSafeRide program is accessible inside the 757 zone code (barring pickup in Portsmouth). Members must be no less than 21 years of age and go from a bar or eatery to a neighborhood living arrangement.

“On the few days of ‘The Defining moment,’ impacts ought to be restricted to plays on the turf,” said Paul Hernandez, a lawyer at Kalfus & Nachman. “Our firm knows the cost of intoxicated driving great, which is the reason we need to give a motivating force to games fans in Hampton Streets to approach somebody for help in the event that they don’t feel they can return home securely.”

Drivers don’t should be over the legitimate blood liquor focus breaking point of .08 to be a peril out and about. Being “hummed” additionally bargains coordination, judgment and mindfulness, expanding the potential for a mischance.

“At last, “hummed” driving is tanked driving,” Hernandez said. “In the event that more individuals acknowledge that message, I earnestly accept we’d see a decline in smashed driving mischances and fatalities.”

Directions for getting repayment through the Sheltered Ride Home program are accessible as a downloadable PDF on the Kalfus & Nachman site.

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The law office of Kalfus & Nachman was established in 1979. Over about 40 years, the practice has accomplished huge recuperations in the interest of customers who have experienced damage coming about car collisions, therapeutic negligence, inadequate items, oceanic mishaps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With workplaces in Norfolk, Newport News and Roanoke, the firm has turned into a main voice for individual harm offended parties, harmed laborers and security backing all through Virginia. Visit Kalfus & Nachman at

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