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American Health Council Names Kirk Dombrowski, Ph.D. to Education Board

Dr. Kirk Dombrowski of The College of Nebraska-Lincoln has been chosen to join the Training Board at the American Wellbeing Chamber. He will share his insight and mastery on Interpersonal organization Investigation in Wellbeing, Country General Wellbeing, and Medication Manhandle.

With more than eighteen years of involvement in the field of Social Humanities and Social science, Dr. Dombrowski offers profitable knowledge in his part as John Bruhn Educator of Human science at The College of Nebraska-Lincoln. Set up in 1869, The College of Nebraska-Lincoln is perceived as the world’s first undergrad brain science research facility.

As a John Bruhn Teacher of Humanism at The College of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2014, Dr. Dombrowski’s everyday obligations incorporate educating, investigating on wellbeing incongruities in the Incomparable Fields, Local Medical problem and substance manhandle in The Frozen North, and HIV and medication mishandle in Puerto Rico.

Over the span of his preparation, he earned his PhD in Social Human sciences from City College of New York (CUNY) Graduate School and College Center in 1998. Consequently, he got his Lord’s in Human sciences from Columbia College in 1993. In 1989, he finished his Single man of Craftsmanship in Human studies from the College of Notre Woman.

Dr. Dombrowski’s exploration intrigue created after his thesis in The Frozen North where he saw substance mishandle. Upon his arrival to New York in the 90s, he chose to end up distinctly an issue driven analyst because of the expansion of HIV and substance manhandle. He credits his prosperity to finding new techniques to handling issues.

Dr. Dombrowski keeps up affiliations with the accompanying associations: American Sociological Affiliation, American Anthropological Affiliation & Society for Connected, Human sciences, and Canadian Human studies Society.

His dedication to his exploration has brought about different positions, for example, Executive of UNL’s Minority Wellbeing Differences Activity (MHDI), Main Agent at the Achieve Lab, and Territorial Speaker on Wellbeing Value and Abberations (HIV and Substance Mishandle).

Looking ahead, Dr. Dombrowski plans to keep chipping away at HIV inquire about in Puerto Rico, more effort with restorative associates, and get awards from the NIH.

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