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Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

You can even now spare the Republic.

Be that as it may, the time is short and the odds are thin. But then, both The U.S. Constitution and our decision laws permit you to make two strides that may save America from an undeniable risk to its vote based system.

Step One – Begin a Discretionary School revolt for Bernie Sanders.

Ask all your vowed Balloters to vote in favor of Bernie Sander. This is absolutely legitimate. In portraying the procedure by which the Balloters cast their votes, The U.S. Constitution permits you. It does this by utilizing “people” instead of “hopefuls.” in portraying who a Voter may “enter on the poll” in the Discretionary School.

As we now know, this past decision was a populist one. You, Madam Secretary, as the “foundation hopeful” were not ready to beat the Correct’s populist applicant. Just the Left’s populist hopeful, Bernie Sanders, could have done that.

In the event that every one of your Voters were to cast their votes, Representative Sanders would be just 39 votes from the administration. Representative Sanders is much more well known with Balloters that are demanding a genuinely free applicant. When the greater part of your 232 Balloters voted in favor of Bernie, large portions of those Voters promised to Trump may well vote in favor of Sanders.

Step Two – Require a Measurable Vote Review in Wisconsin.

On the off chance that leave surveys are exact in the US as they are in whatever is left of the world, numerous decisions here may have been hacked. The legitimacy of this race has been raised doubt about by standard news sources. Indeed, even the FBI cautioned race offices to be watchful for electronic hacking of their voting frameworks.

This issue goes a long ways past this decision. We are taking a gander at conceivable undercover work on a stupendous scale. We beseech you – utilize Wisconsin’s decision laws that take into account a post race review when asked for and paid for by a competitor. As the Democrat’s Applicant, you can demand confirming the security of the U.S. voting framework. There are an excessive number of inquiries with regards to Trump’s association with Putin and effective endeavors by Russian programmers to enter our race frameworks.

We now know you missed your opportunity to incorporate “The Administration” to your resume. In any case, if you somehow managed to make these strides, you could include “Defender of American Majority rule government.”

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