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Church on the Rock Celebrates 33 Years of Spreading the Good News

On Sun., November 6, the Congregation on the Stone will commend its 33rd commemoration of its initiation.

There will be an extraordinary visitor speaker introduce at both the 9 a.m. what’s more, 11 a.m. benefit. The speaker, Robert Madu, will talk about praising the integrity of God and being appreciative for the congregation’s 33 years.

In 1983, Minister David Limit and his significant other, Kim, came to St. Diminishes and were directed to make the congregation. Their initially meeting occurred in a neighborhood library with 35 individuals in participation. From that point forward, the congregation has developed to a dynamic assemblage of almost 5,000 individuals.

“We felt a draw to come here, similar to God was guiding us to St. Subsides,” said Minister Limit. “In the earliest reference point, nearby church pioneers requesting that we come and check whether we would be occupied with beginning our own congregation. When we came, we just knew within this is the place we were intended to be. We’re appreciative for these 33 years and for what God has accomplished for us, and we are amped up for our future.”

While a few things have changed in the congregation, including the use of live spilling communicates, and the expansion of a few services, their vision and message have never strayed from the way that they’ve been taking after for a long time.

“Our central goal is to affect St. Louis, the country, and the world with the Good news of Jesus Christ,” Minister Limit said. “We need to individuals discover God, tail Him, and satisfy His potential for their lives. We need individuals to realize that God is for them.”

For more data on Chapel on the Stone, please call (636) 240-7775 or visit them online at

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