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New Short Film ‘The Truth’ By Dr Barbara Becker Holstein Turns Selfie Concept Into Powerful Film To Reach Teens And Tweens

With no uncertainty, the most troublesome test guardians, grandparents and teachers face is the way to affect the lives of teenagers and tweens in ways that improve the tyke’s advantage and support investment without turning them off or bringing about resistance. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein has figured out how to do only that – short movies in light of the idea of the selfie, in which youngsters introduce their deepest emotions, difficulties and concerns. This new short film idea is, in a word, virtuoso.

A late story on The New York Times site included another web arrangement, ‘Sea Turnpike’, which takes its “idiosyncratic” characters from the area lanes. The arrangement takes a gander at Brooklyn through the eyes of two tweens and their folks. That web arrangement has now been pitched to HBO with four scenes and is under thought for advancement.

“There are insufficient arrangement, nor movies that mirror the common existences of individuals definitively and that can be viewed by all ages,” Dr. Holstein expressed. “My labor of love, as a positive therapist, depends on the conviction that listening to standard children, tweens, adolescents, and grown-ups and profoundly understanding their needs, interests, sentiments, longings and objectives is the most ideal approach to get genuine comprehension, sympathy and critical thinking going. The outcomes are regularly unprecedented, as qualities, gifts and potential start to rise.

“‘Reality, a Short Film’ and now underway, “Privileged insights” both mirror the standard and the exceptional of young ladies, tweens and high schoolers in our general public. In every film, a young lady, moving from being a tween to a youngster, defies every one of the issues of her life. She has anxiety and euphoria, inconveniences and fun while managing everything from beginning to look all starry eyed at, to family bombshells, to battling with misfortune, to discovering approaches to clutch the best of herself as her life keeps on unfurling.”

The short two moment film by Dr. Holstein, ‘Reality, A Short Film’, debuted at FilmOneFest in July. The film was picked as an Official Determination in the Chain Film Celebration held in Manhattan on August 13, 2016. ‘Reality, a Short Film’, a more extended 16 minute depiction of a young lady growing up, has been formally chosen for the Brilliant Entryway Universal Film Celebration to be held in September 2016. The Rahway Worldwide Film Celebration as of late picked the 2 minute form as an Official Choice.

“Yes, the character, in view of the “young lady” in my two books, ‘Reality’ and “Insider facts” is both customary and exceptional. In any case, there is another wind to the greater part of this. Furthermore, that is the utilization of the Selfie in film making.

ScreenshotBarbara”In both of these movies, the genuine performing artist, in ‘Reality’, Cassidy Terracciano, and in “Insider facts” Megan Chestnut, fill the role of ‘the young lady’ as well as they do their own particular shooting through their telephones. This is a mind boggling jump in filmmaking. I coordinated both young ladies, however not at the minutes they at last shot themselves. They did that at home alone in the protection of the merger of themselves with the character. I’m eager to see the utilization of selfies not just improving the performer’s abilities to make the character wake up, however bringing about a film that is a more cozy, “genuine” imaginative experience, for the viewer.

“Furthermore, the outcomes? Astonishing. ‘Reality’ in its two renditions has as of now been acknowledged by various film celebrations. The latest being the Rahway Global Film Celebration which picked as an Official Determination, the 2 minute form, ‘Reality, a Short, Short Film’.

“What does this mean for the marvel of Selfies? I think it implies that permitting a man to get nearer to herself, whether that implies catching on video or in imagines oneself by means of Seflies or whether it implies blending the most profound parts of a performing artist with the current character has gigantic potential for psychological well-being and for filmmaking.”

Dr. Holstein’s whole assortment of work is awesome for guardians, grandparents, more seasoned kin and educators to set up lines of correspondence with the tweens and adolescents in their lives. Her books have gotten various honors. A late survey of Dr. Holstein’s book, ‘Privileged insights’, expressed, “This book ought to in a perfect world be supplied in the home libraries of families with youngsters and in school libraries around the world.”

‘Reality’ concentrates on how teenagers convey their most profound needs. A trailer from her new short film, ‘Reality’, an Official Decision of the Garden State Film Celebration, is accessible at The trailer catches the universe of innovation and its open nature with the extreme needs of a young lady to share her most private and most cozy considerations, emotions, thoughts and mysteries.

“In this day and age of preferences, lols and yearning to be seen, seen, approved, discussed, frequently by “companions” just known basically, where are her most profound contemplations and longings going? Both the trailer, even in 47 seconds and the film ‘Reality, A Short Film’ of 16 minutes are awesome to use to get children and guardians discussing today’s web-based social networking world that we as a whole live in.”

A continuation of ‘Reality’, ‘Privileged insights’, featuring Megan Chestnut, is at present underway. In the spin-off, in view of ‘Insider facts, Journal of a Gutsy Adolescent’, a young lady keeps on keeping both a virtual journal on her mobile phone and a paper journal. She is a year more seasoned and despite the fact that she has developed, her longings and her yearning to locate a home for her sentiments and serious feelings are significantly more grounded.

Dr. Holstein is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at Every last bit of her books are accessible at Amazon, Barnes and Respectable and all other online retailers. More data is accessible at her site at

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, universally known Positive Analyst is the maker of The Charmed Self , a positive brain research technique for satisfaction. Dr. Holstein’s Captivated Self site,, was recently included as one of the best sites in positive brain research. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her better half, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, talked with, composing articles and posting video “TED” style chats on Bliss, Positive Brain research, Connections and Child rearing.

She has been a patron to Absolute entirety, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Genuine Straightforward, The Money Road Diary, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.

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