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New DongleLockbox Software Security Solution Now Available for the Education Market

The DongleLockbox, a powerful and moderate gadget that makes it basic for schools to secure programming locks on various PCs, is currently accessible. With its programmable mix bolt and strong steel link, the Donglelockbox connects rapidly and effortlessly to a current or added stay to shield profitable USB programming locks from being stolen.

Perfect for preventing programming robbery in instruction labs, the DongleLockbox is as of now being utilized by driving colleges like Duke, Michigan State, College of Wisconsin, and Workmanship Center School of Plan. These schools and different organizations around the nation are finding the esteem that this gadget, which offers for under $60, gives in dissuading programming burglary.

The burglary of a product bolt commonly requires that a school buy a completely new programming bundle. Supplanting this sort of specific programming is exceptionally costly, sets aside time for planning endorsement, and breaking points understudy access to PCs. The DongleLockbox keeps robbery from happening in any case, sparing the school a lot of cash, time and burden.

“In the course of the most recent couple of years, we’ve gotten expanded request from schools and colleges that have had programming keys vanish from the back of their lab PCs,” noted Randy Stevens, Advertising Administrator at DongleLockbox. “These schools immediately discovered that supplanting their product wouldn’t be as straightforward as obtaining another product bolt, as most specific programming organizations require their clients to purchase a radical new bundle of programming. Donglelockbox tackled this issue rapidly and cheaply, permitting the schools to proactively prevent their speculations from being stolen.”

The DongleLockbox can be found in instruction labs utilizing computer aided design/CAM programming like Mastercam, examination programming like PC-DMIS, and music and video altering programming like Expert Apparatuses , and visual computerization and printing programming, for example, FlexiSIGN. For a present rundown of good programming bundles, visit:

DongleLockbox merchants offer amount rebates to secure medium to substantial programming labs. To find a DongleLockbox merchant in your general vicinity, visit:

Situated in Rancho Santa Clause Margarita, California, Donglelockbox is the designer of compact security gadgets for programming and PC related items. Organizations, colleges and governments all around depend on DongleLockbox arrangements day by day to shield their product resources from robbery.

For more data on Donglelockbox items, visit the site at

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