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World’s First Aerosol-Based Hand Sanitizing Germ Blocker, Touch, Selling Nationwide

Touch, the new vaporized based germ blocker that is reforming the hand sanitizer industry, is presently being sold across the nation at significant retailers including Walgreens and Meijers. Moreover, it will dispatch in CVS in July 2016. A proactive way to deal with disease counteractive action, Touch has been demonstrated to dispose of 99.9 percent of destructive germs, microbes, organisms and infections. Its light vaporized fog gives an industrious obstruction of insurance for up to 6 hours, also to how SPF sunscreens avoid sunburn and skin malignancy. Touch effectively and consistently slaughters astonishingly in contact with your hands.

Created as a defensive arrangement, the equation is without liquor, made with guaranteed natural oils and safe for all ages. Not at all like conventional hand sanitizers, for example, gels and wipes, Touch does not leave an oily wreckage or dry out skin. Rather, it leaves hands feeling delicate, saturated and with a charming aroma.

“Touch is a distinct advantage in ensuring against destructive germs and microbes every day. It is rapidly turning out to be a piece of families’ morning schedules, alongside brushing their teeth and putting on antiperspirant,” said Relevo Labs Chief and Originator Brian Southard. “With this move into retail, individuals can advantageously get Touch alongside other social insurance things at their neighborhood drugstore.”

Accessible in four fragrances, for example, Sea Fog, Tropical Breeze, Mint Green Tea Aloe, and Unscented, Touch retails for $5.99. Touch is at present accessible at Walgreens and Meijers. It will be sold at CVS beginning July 2016.

Touch is fabricated and promoted by Relevo Labs and headquartered in Carmel, Indiana. The organization was established in 2014 by Brian Southard, a parent who needed a protection germ blocking answer for his youngsters. For more data, please visit

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