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Author and Life Coach Michelle Leslie Is Releasing Her New Personalized, Scripture-Based Prayer Book “Activating God’s Power”

Michelle Leslie is an Ensured Life Mentor with YKI Honing. As writer of the groundbreaking book, Enacting God’s Energy, Michelle Leslie has a profound comprehension of the changing force of God’s statement. Michelle has an energy to help other people defeat life’s difficulties and to enable them to live to their fullest potential. Alongside her capacity to test individuals to be all they are made to be, Michelle has an endowment of sympathy and empathy. As a holistic mentor, she is prepared to guide her customers to wholeness, motivate a required leap forward and encourage bearing into another period of life.

Michelle Leslie’s craving is to give the essential devices that people need to flourish in testing conditions, and to drive people looking for self-awareness to the achievement they yearn for.

Perusers of “Enacting God’s Energy” by Michelle Leslie will realize what to ask and to unquestionably guarantee answers to supplication. This customized book is a manual for imploring as per God’s Statement! You will find several Sacred text based petitions for the greater part of life’s circumstances: from discovering your personality in Christ, to arousing God’s support in your life, to beating the trials of existence with profound fighting.

You can discover more about Michelle’s Life Honing here on her site and in addition arrange a duplicate of her book Initiating God’s Energy.

Michelle lives in Denver, Colorado with her significant other and two little girls.

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