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[05/13/2016] A Curated, Capitol Hill Wine Tasting Fundraiser from OneHope Wines for the The Red Door Films and FlyGirls, A Miniseries Highlighting WWII Female Aviators. Sponsorships Still Available

The pledge drive is a piece of a progression of national occasions exhibited by FlyGirls, a ten-section miniseries about the female pilots of WWII. Frequently left out of the WWII story, this exceptional sensational miniseries being developed by Oscar-assigned Chief Matia Karrell and The Red Entryway Movies will reveal insight into this vital part of magnanimous U.S. military administration and flying history.

Karrell has been inquiring about the Ladies Airforce Benefit Pilots (WASP) for more than 20 years. “In 2009, 300 of the 1,074 WASP who served were alive to get the Congressional Decoration of Respect from President Obama. Today less than half of these ladies are alive. FlyGirls is displaying this arrangement of occasions to bring issues to light about the WASP and our up and coming miniseries, so that the WASP who stay with us know they won’t be overlooked.”

OneHope Wines, Ladies in AFCEA and ACEDS, a Barbri Proficient Affiliation, are among the partaking supports as of the date of this discharge. Ladies in Country Security and OneHope Wines have been instrumental in sorting out this occasion. Says Kristina Tanasichuk, the Author and President of Ladies in Country Security: “Ladies in Country Security is glad to bolster and recollect the huge commitment of the FlyGirls and we are exceptionally eager to take an interest in this innovative venture to keep their work in the hearts and creative energies of our people to come.”

To take in more how to support the FlyGirls extend, please visit:

The Mission of Ladies in Country Security is to give an expert association to ladies working in the field in both people in general and private divisions. As a moderately new field, the association endeavors to give ladies a gathering to find out about the numerous aspects of this teach and to construct the associations essential for their expert advancement.

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