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Premier Center First to Offer Advanced Treatment for Pain in Southern California

Reginald Ajakwe, MD and Raymond Tatevossian, MD of Extensive Agony Doctors are satisfied to declare the main business implantation of the Senza spinal line stimulator (SCS) in Los Angeles. The Senza SCS framework, which conveys Nevro’s exclusive HF10 treatment (Nevro Organization, Menlo Stop, CA), is an as of late FDA-endorsed spinal rope stimulator that has shown better outcomes thought about than customary SCS for the treatment of back and leg torment in a vast multi-focus ponder in the Assembled States.

“We’re respected and eager to be the primary agony administration doctors in Los Angeles to offer this promising innovation to patients with perpetual lower back and leg torment,” said Dr. Tatevossian. “The aftereffects of the SENZA-RCT is a magnificent methodology for patients who have had fizzled spine surgery since it permits patients to have enhanced qualify of life and less dependence on torment meds. We have patients who have noted close total agony help without precedent for a long time or more,” said Dr. Ajakwe.

100 million individuals in the U.S. experience the ill effects of basic endless torment conditions1, and unending torment is the essential driver of grown-up handicap in the Assembled States2. The dominant part of these torment conditions are felt in the back or legs. SCS speaks to another choice to treat unending agony. Dr. Tatevossian clarified “there are an assortment of treatment alternatives for endless agony that range from pharmaceuticals to surgical mediations, yet this stimulator is a viable and safe treatment that serves to fundamentally lessen torment scores, enhance work, and extraordinarily enhance personal satisfaction of our patients.”

SCS includes the conveyance of electrical signs to the spinal line keeping in mind the end goal to modify torment signs to the cerebrum. The electrical heartbeats are conveyed by little anodes on leads that are put close to the spinal rope and are associated with a conservative, battery-fueled generator embedded under the skin. SCS is a reversible treatment that has helped a huge number of individuals experience alleviation from ceaseless torment.

HF10 treatment, Nevro’s high-recurrence treatment at 10,000 Hz, speaks to a huge progress in spinal line incitement. FDA endorsement for HF10 treatment included better naming over conventional SCS treatment (HF10 treatment is the main SCS treatment with this qualification), approving that HF10 treatment lessens torment all the more viably in more patients.

Furthermore, HF10 treatment is the main SCS treatment intended to convey torment alleviation without paresthesia (an incitement actuated sensation, for example, shivering, smoldering, or pricking, which is the premise of customary SCS) and is likewise the main SCS framework endorsed by the FDA to be utilized without patient confinements on driving while getting treatment.


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Dr. Ajakwe and Dr. Tatevossian are fellow benefactors of Exhaustive Torment Doctors situated at 201 South Buena Vista Road Suite 238, Burbank, California 91505. Their central goal is to give perpetual help from interminable agony through an exhaustive approach. To take in more, go to for more data.

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