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Julie Austin Keynote Speaker at Newspaper Executives Mega Conference

The 2016 Key Officials Super Gathering will be held February 22-24 in Austin, TX. The topic for the gathering will recast “Achievement: Assembling a Dynamic and Practical Future”. More than 600 media administrators will assemble to find out about new answers for the fate of daily papers.

Designer and advancement master Julie Austin, President of Los Angeles based Imaginative Development Gathering, will convey the keynote “Starting Development in the Daily paper Industry”.

The daily paper industry is at a junction and needs new thoughts to stay focused. Julie’s keynote discourse covers ways the business can improve inside their upper hand to produce pay rapidly, while assembling a long haul development arrange with a specific end goal to remain on the ball.

Julie’s rationality is that there are openings all over the place, and daily papers are in a remarkable position to exploit them. She joins her entrepreneurial experience and her advancement encounter as an innovator to show administrators how to transform the greater part of their workers into issue solvers.

“There is no advancement without extraordinary, imaginative thoughts. This requires striking danger taking and being willing to make inventive jumps,” says Julie. “You never know where an extraordinary thought will originate from.”

Julie’s main goal is to make imagination and advancement second nature for daily paper officials.

Imaginative Advancement Gathering is a lady claimed business that behaviors workshops called “Innovativeness & Development on Request”. showing organizations how to produce new thoughts to support their primary concern and transcend their opposition. Julie Austin is a creator, futurist, development keynote speaker and various entrepreneur. Julie is one of couple of ladies advancement speakers that is additionally a patent holder and maker. For more information get in touch with us at 310-444-7788 or

Julie is accessible for meetings and can be come to at 310-444-7788 or

Key Super Gathering – Austin, TX, February 22-24, 2016

J.W. Marriott

315 East fifth St.

Austin, TX 78701

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