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Jeff Roberson Recognized for Excellence in Sports Management and Marketing

Jeff Roberson, CEO of Aggressive Edge Sports, has been perceived by Overall Marking for indicating devotion, initiative and incredibleness for helping other people achieve their objectives.

Mr. Roberson’s accomplishments have to a great extent been driven by his enthusiasm for games. He has over five years of experience as a B-ball Advancement Organizer and one as the Chief of the organization Focused Edge Sports. As an organization that works with its customers to showcase and develop the professions of its competitors, Mr. Roberson’s position utilizes sports advertising, arrangement and marking to raise their vocations and abilities. What’s more, he is a specialist in speaking to customers and supporting them to achieve new vocation statures while profiting his own.

Mr. Roberson was incited to enter the field because of his enthusiasm for instructing and b-ball. His capability to run the organization is specifically identified with a graduate degree from American Intercontinental College. Mr. Roberson has huge arrangements for the conpany, including creating and running the main ever proficient wheelchair ball group in America, getting new excitement and rejuvenating rivalry in versatile games. Mr. Roberson trusts that with Focused Edge Sports he can convey national mindfulness for versatile games to an unsurpassed high. Focused Edge Games is as of now working with establishment experts to put up proficient wheelchair groups for sale to the public. In the event that you are keen on knowing more about establishment possession, call 541-499-3879 or email

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