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Free Roundtable Discussion on New Marijuana Regulations Join this Historic Conversation, Network and Attend Benefit Concert

On January 19, 2016, the California Cannabis Industry Affiliation and Cal Legacy welcome the cannabis business and intrigued people to the Peak Theater, 1013 K Road, Sacramento, California, for an entire day of enlightening exercises and incredible music. The occasion starts at 9:00 a.m. with a Cannabis Arrangement Modelers Roundtable Dialog and comes full circle at night with a show highlighting the Children of Champlin, including uncommon visitor Barry “The Fish” Melton, initially of Nation Joe and the Fish.

At this moment, Regions all through the Condition of California are composing and assessing new mandates. California has new enactment in progress for both authorization of weed and the control of therapeutic maryjane. Cal Legacy thinks of it as basic to recognize and unite approach specialists that work with state officials and organizations to execute sensibly-made directions. Be a piece of the master dynamic discussion that will shape mindful laws and effect California’s monetary future.

Presently, more than whenever in California’s late history, the cannabis business is at a basic point. Provinces all through the state are making and receiving genuine constraints and exceptionally prohibitive directions that may criminalize typical exercises that are lawful today.

Subsequently of the basic way of interest all the while, Cal Legacy and California Cannabis Industry Assoc. are giving this roundtable examination as a for nothing out of pocket open advantage gathering. There are no expenses for going to the roundtable dialog on January 19, 2016.

“We need to make a gathering for officials to hear the worries of the cannabis group furthermore for those included in this quickly developing industry to get notification from State arrangement modelers. We solidly trust that California’s best seek after compelling controls is by making exchange. Thus, there are no expenses identified with interest in this basic exchange.”- – Eric Gudz, COO Cal Legacy

After roundtable dialogs and open hearings, come back to the Peak Theater for an advantage show with The Children of Champlin, including extraordinary visitor Barry “The Fish” Melton. These original artists of the 1960’s “San Francisco Sound” convey their abilities to advance solidarity and administration among cannabis industry individuals. Show tickets are $45, with all returns profiting Cal Legacy’s work on mindful cannabis controls and related group advancement endeavors.

A notable picture by Stanley Mouse has been advanced for this uncommon gathering show. Mouse is one of the colossal shake blurb specialists of the 1960’s; his fine art has been included on endless collection covers for the Thankful Dead, Adventure and others.

Who: Cal Legacy and California Cannabis Industry Assoc.

What: Specialists and talk before Open Hearing at State Legislative center

Where: Peak Theater, 1013 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

At the point when: January 19, 2016

9 am – 12 pm, Specialist roundtable examination

1:30 – 4:30 pm, Joint open becoming aware of the State Gathering Business and Callings Council, Get together Horticulture Panel, and the Get together Wellbeing Board of trustees in room 4202 of the State Legislative hall. The enlightening hearing will concentrate on “Medicinal Cannabis Direction: The Arrangement for Statewide Usage.”

5:00 – 6:30 pm, the California Cannabis Industry Affiliation PAC gathering in downtown Sacramento for intrigued roundtable dialog participants (isolate ticket required)

6:30 – 9:30 pm, Children of Champlin, Advantage Show

Taken a toll:

Headliner: No Expense

Gathering: contact Ben Bradley for points of interest,

Show: $45

Get Tickets:

Subtle elements: Call (916) 910-9769 or visit


California Cannabis Strategy Designers roundtable examination specialists:

? Inviting Comments Assemblymember Ken Cooley, creator of Medicinal Pot Control and Wellbeing Act

? Back? Fiona Mama, State Leading group of Evening out, second Region (Roundtable Mediator)

? Legitimate, Greg Anton, Lawyer and Champion of Therapeutic Pot Rights

? Statewide Strategy, Nate Bradley, Executive. Chief, CA Cannabis Industry Assn. (CCIA)

? Horticulture/Water, Chris Carrigan, State Water Assets Control Board (welcomed)

? Medicinal, Eduardo Martinez, California Restorative Affiliation (CMA) (welcomed)

? Law Authorization, John Lovell, Administrative Backer for Law Requirement

? Neighborhood Government, Paul Smith, Provincial Committee of Rustic Areas (RCRC) (welcomed)

? Tribal Interests, Wayne Smith, Previous Representative Dir., Department of Indian Undertakings (BIA)

? Non-Benefits, Understudies for Sensible Medication Strategy (SSDP)

Cal Legacy is an Open Advantage Organization, conceived out of activism, that is focused on serving cannabis and hemp organizations looking to coordinate effectively with neighborhood groups and with the individuals who have been most influenced by the misaligned cannabis strategies of the past.

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