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The 11th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference in Orlando Florida October 25-26 2016

With an extremely effective decade delivering the main meeting in the Country Security logbook, the Counter Fear monger Magazine, (SSI’s leader global production), will have the most energizing 2 day instructive gathering at the Florida Lodging and Gathering focus. Points secured will be differed from the Key Note speaker – a man fame in US law requirement hovers – to answers for movement issues, jihadi strategies over the globe, motivation and association of fear cells in the USA and the sky is the limit from there.

After the Paris assaults and the San Bernardino outrages, the remarkable enthusiasm for the Counter Fear based oppressor Magazine has exhibited the solid reaction to these primitive assaults. ” While not everybody concurs with Donald Trump’s way to deal with the subject, there is doubtlessly we have an issue with Islam, says Sol Bradman the Chief of SSI. Regardless of the possibility that exclusive 5-6% are radicalized over the globe (as per Seat Examine that is the number) that would mean we have around 100 million basically in concurrence with ISIS points. Germany alone has taken in 1,000,000 displaced people. We expect there will be a surge in worldwide fear monger exercises. We are glad for our dedication to get the best data to our Person on call group.”

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The Counter Fear monger is the world’s chief educational diary for law requirement, knowledge and exceptional operations experts; our main goal is to give administrators important data with a specific end goal to battle psychological warfare at home and abroad.

See why The Counter Fear monger is now the most loved diary for a hefty portion of your colleagues. This magazine carries you scholars with operational experience covering subjects, for example,

– Psychological oppressor strategies, methods and systems

– Psychological oppressor associations and people

– Sorted out wrongdoing, groups and spree violations of national centrality

– Policing and security operations

– Fringe security

– Military counter-psychological oppression and counter-rebellion

– Crisis and medicinal administrations

– Innovation and science

– Publicity

– Social review

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