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Survival Life Offers a Chance to Learn Survival Techniques from a Real Life James Bond

The online survival preparing organization, Survival Life reports their most recent instructional class. The organization offers broad online survival preparing covering situations like seizing, theft, and auto crashes. Survival Life’s most up to date class accessible is Spy Escape & Avoidance Preparing. The Spy Escape & Avoidance Preparing on the web class is accessible at for $37.00.

Survival Life was begun by previous CIA Officer and current Security Expert, Jason Hanson. At the point when Hanson left the office he understood that the normal American is amazingly helpless against various assaults or tragedies. This is the point at which he chose he needed to offer assistance. Survival Life’s main goal is to help dedicated Americans ensure themselves and their friends and family. The Spy Escape & Avoidance Instructional course was created to help the normal American think like James Bond and have the apparatuses and strategies to act in the event that they ever need to vanish. In the class, participants will learn:

Making an escape pack. Essential instruments and methods to use to want to vanish, how to get them and how to utilize them.

What a “break telephone” is and how to legitimately utilize it. This instrument is one of the most elevated amount safety efforts accessible and can permit somebody to remain in front of their followers.

A 3-stage procedure to stay off the lattice.

The craft of making and conveying distractions.

Step by step instructions to safely set up a mystery email account that utilizations innovation to consequently and totally erase messages following one hour of receipt.

Instructions to make untraceable telephone calls.

Traps to find a “protected house” that won’t cost any cash, yet offers wellbeing and security.

Hot wiring an auto, in spite of mechanical capacity.

Strategies to surviving or notwithstanding ceasing a home attack.

Understudies are reacting to the Spy Escape & Avoidance Preparing. The individuals who have officially taken the course are leaving feeling engaged and more secure. “I can’t thank you enough for offering this priceless course as well as making a phenomenal showing with regards to of showing it. I cleared out feeling enabled, which is something I have not felt for quite a while” one understudy expressed about the program.

Survival Life is an Online Survival Preparing organization situated in Austin, Texas. The organization was begun by ex-CIA officer and current security authority, Jason Hanson to answer the call to prepare and teach individuals on genuine basic instincts. For more data on Survival Life, visit

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