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Mark Twitchell Victim Announces the Release of the True Crime Book the One Who Got Away

On October 3 2008, PC organization temporary worker Gilles Tetreault signed onto a dating site, searching for fraternity. There he met what he believed was a quite, youthful blonde named Sheena. Yearning movie producer Check Twitchell, attracted Tetreault to a leased carport in south Edmonton by acting like a lady on the dating site. Touching base for his ‘date’, Gilles was mercilessly assaulted by a man in a hockey cover and after a savage battle, barely escapes with his life. After one week, Johnny Altinger was attracted to a similar address and assaulted in a similar way, just his life finished in what police accept was a horrible instance of life mimicking workmanship. Check Twitchell, the man discovered blameworthy of Altinger’s murder, was a fanatic of the hit Network program ‘Dexter’, a sensationalized portrayal of the life of a vigilante serial executioner. This quick paced, first-individual, grasping diary peruses like a novel. Uncovering subtle elements at no other time made open, Gilles describes his own voyage of the ambush, the exceptionally advertised court case, the subsequent media aftermath, and life as ‘The Person Who Escaped’.

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Gilles Tetreault is a first time writer of the book The Person Who Escaped, which depends on his own excursion from the ambush of sentenced killer, Stamp Twitchell. After his unfathomable trial, he has shown up on Dateline NBC, 48 Hours Riddle, The Fifth Bequest, I Survived, Dates from Damnation and The Security Brief with Paul Viollis. Gilles is initially from Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan and right now lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his better half Samantha and his child Benjamin.

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