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BTS Tactical Fixed Income VIT Now Added to Jefferson National’s Investment-Only Variable Annuity Platform

A variable protection put stock in (VIT) form of BTS Resource Administration’s lead strategic settled salary item is presently accessible by means of Jefferson National’s Landmark Counsel, the industry’s first(i) Level Fee(ii), Speculation Just Factor Annuity (IOVA). Jefferson National’s Landmark Consultant is a main assessment advantaged contributing stage intended for Enlisted Venture Guides (RIAs) and expense based money related counsels to help their customers assemble more riches through the influence of duty deferral.

“Jefferson National’s stage offers money related consultants an extraordinary approach to give our technique something to do for customers. We see the potential assessment favorable circumstances to customers as an approach to expand the estimation of a strategic approach,” said Isaac Braley, President of BTS Resource Administration.

BTS offers its lead strategic settled pay technique to counsels in an assortment of organizations, including separate records, the BTS Strategic Settled Salary Finance (NASDAQ: BTFAX), and through factor annuities.

“Our goal is to guarantee advantageous access to this strategic approach as more consultants perceive the significance of settled salary procedures that underline drawback assurance. We are amped up for the chance of having our procedure added to Jefferson National’s Landmark Consultant,” said Vilis Pasts, Executive and Chief of Research at BTS. “We anticipate a long haul association and helping their guides amid troublesome markets.”

Said Laurence Greenberg, President of Jefferson National, “Counselors have genuine worries about the possibility of lower returns for conventional settled salary, as rates are ready to ascend from verifiably low levels. BTS Strategic Settled Salary endeavors to address this head on by strategically assigning among various settled pay resource classes, trying to catch higher comes back with less hazard than customary procedures.”

About BTS Resource Administration

Established by Vilis Pasts in 1979, BTS Resource Administration is one of the most seasoned hazard chiefs, overseeing customary resources with a nontraditional approach. BTS has a multi-year track record in strategic settled wage and value administration. We will probably discover openings with the possibility to exploit rising markets while attempting to oversee misfortunes amid downturns. BTS tries to save capital; plans to offer drawback assurance and upside potential; and endeavors to decrease instability while conveying predictable long haul returns.

About Jefferson National

Jefferson National is a perceived trailblazer of a main assessment advantaged contributing stage for RIAs, expense based counsels and the customers they serve. Put stock in accomplice to a system of 3,000 guides, Jefferson National gives more noteworthy proficiency, straightforwardness and decision through a versatile innovation stage, grant winning conveyance technique and practical adjusting abilities. Named the business “Best quality level” and victor of more than 45 industry grants, including the DMA 2010 Money related Administrations Organization of the Year. The organization serves consultants and customers across the nation, through its backups Jefferson National Life coverage Organization and Jefferson National Life coverage Organization of New York. To achieve our counsel bolster work area, please call 1-866-WHY-Level (1-866-949-3528). To take in more, please visit

Critical Exposures

Shared assets include hazard, including conceivable loss of essential.

The Store may put resources into subordinates. Indeed, even a little interest in alternatives may offer ascent to influence chance, and can significantly affect the Store’s execution. Subsidiaries are liable to credit hazard and liquidity chance. The Store puts resources into settled salary securities, subordinates on settled pay securities or Hidden Assets that put resources into settled pay securities. The estimation of the Store will vary with changes in loan costs. Defaults by settled pay guarantors in which the Store contributes could likewise hurt execution. Bring down quality securities known as “high return” or “garbage” bonds, display more serious hazard than obligations of higher quality, including an expanded danger of default. A financial downturn or time of rising loan fees could unfavorably influence the market for these securities and decrease the Reserve’s capacity to offer its securities. The absence of a fluid market for these securities could diminish the Store’s share cost.

Speculators ought to precisely consider the venture destinations, dangers, charges, and costs of the BTS Strategic Settled Pay VIT Support. This and other data about the Store is contained in the plan and ought to be perused deliberately before contributing. The plan can be acquired on our site,, by calling toll free 1-877-287-9820 (1-877-BTS-9820), or by calling your budgetary delegate. The BTS Strategic Settled Wage VIT Store is appropriated by Aurora Borealis Wholesalers, LLC, Part FINRA/SIPC. BTS Resource Administration, Inc is not subsidiary with Aurora Borealis Wholesalers, LLC.

A financial specialist ought to painstakingly consider the venture destinations, dangers, charges and costs of the speculation before contributing or sending cash. The agreement plan and hidden store outlines contain this data. For an outline containing this and extra data, please contact your money related proficient. Perused it deliberately before contributing. The synopsis of item elements is not expected to be comprehensive. Confinements may apply. The agreements have prohibitions and constraints, and may not be accessible in all states or at all circumstances.

Variable annuities are ventures subject to market change and hazard, including conceivable loss of foremost. Your units, when you make a withdrawal or surrender, might be worth pretty much than your unique venture.

Variable annuities are long haul speculations to help you meet retirement and other long-extend objectives. Withdrawal of expense conceded gatherings are liable to common pay impose. Withdrawals made preceding age 59 1/2 may bring about a 10% IRS charge punishment. Jefferson National does not offer duty counsel.

Variable Annuities are issued by Jefferson National Life coverage Organization, (Dallas, TX), or Jefferson National Disaster protection Organization of New York (New York, NY) and disseminated by Jefferson National Securities Company, FINRA part. Strategy arrangement JNL-2300-1, JNL-2300-2, JNL-2300-3, JNL-2300-1-NY. Notices of ‘Landmark Counselor’ allude likewise to Landmark Guide of New York.

(i) Mogel, Gary S. (2005, June 6), Level charge variable annuity makes its presentation. Venture News. Recovered from

(ii) Jefferson National’s Landmark Consultant has a $20 month to month level protection expense. Extra minimal effort support stage expenses going from .10% – .35% will be evaluated for speculators wishing to buy shares of ease assets. See the plan for subtle elements. Certain minimal effort assets may just be accessible to you on the off chance that you hold certain speculation consultants.


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